Want your kid to outshine the rest in Seminary with a very, very deep knowledge of the sciptures? Tired of your kids being forced to chant "God is a Spirit, He doesn't have a body" over and over again? Shouldn't your kids spend some time correcting the teacher regarding some of his or her misinterpretations of the Bible?

You need Geoff B's Hooked on Apologetics!

Kit includes:

Complete DVD set of Living Scriptures, a hardcover copy of The Truth About the God Makers, Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds, and Mere Christianity. Of course, the set includes Geoff B's nightly family scripture study schedule rotating matrix and audio tapes of the favorite lectures his children ask for time and again ("Why Mitt Romney should be President", "Politics, Religion and Marriage", "Evolution:The Lie Your Science Teacher Loves", "HBO, Polygamy and You" and "Raydnecks is so durn Funnay!"), all of which are sure to impart the wisdom of the scriptures to your child.

This easy-to-use program eases your child into apologetics with straight-forward rote memorization using fun and colorful cartoonish flip cards and mnemonic tricks. It covers all of the standard evangelical anti-mormon and atheistic attacks on the LDS faith. So start preparing your child now to win the confrontations they will inevitably face.

No guarantee is promised, expressed or implied that use of this program with your child will result in them remaining faithful and active in the LDS Church. Results may vary.


Mike said... @ May 24, 2006 at 12:09 PM

This is the quality Snark I've been looking for. Thanks, Snarkette!

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