Alternate title:Blogger of Jared Eats its Own Young

When BOJ signed on Rob Osborne, of Steadying the Ark of Salvation infamy, you knew it was only a matter of time before he posted something just a bit off the beaten track. Who knew that his first time up to bat he would hit it right out of the park!?!? Naturally, all of the other BOJ guys immediately dogpile him in the comments.

Read through for some laffs, like J.Stapley phonetically misspelling cuckoo and being corrected, or even more wacky is Connor Boyack (a.k.a. Captain Crazy Conspiratorialista) questioning Rob's seriousness. Doesn't look like Rob will last long there. Anyone want to make bets? Will he last longer there than Butler did at M0?

UPDATE:Rob was canned faster than fast. Apparently because his "plausible theory" was "too radical". Yup. UFOs spiriting away the Lost 10 Tribes to the hollow earth core via the hole in the North Pole, which emits radiation, thereby causing aurora borealis. Nothing eybrow raising there. Frankly, I am surprised Rob didn't mention an Elvis-impersonating Sasquatch had been piloting the UFOs, and Bat Boy was his co-pilot.


Ryan said... @ November 22, 2006 at 11:42 AM

I was thinking that this post was a bit light on the snarky commentary.. but alas, I realized all the comedy is to be found in following the links provided. This has certainly been a show.

Good Times.... good times.

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