BCC continues to add to its ranks, while T&S shamelessly stocks up on unabashed poaches. Come on Kaimi, how many times can you accuse Steve of being Voldemort before it becomes painfully obvious to the entire Bloggernacle you are insanely jealous of him and BCC's obvious success?

After announcing he can smell the lingering sulfurous stench of Steve in the Bloggernacle, Kaimi welcomes Ardis into the fold, accompanied by Julie M. Smith, T&S' only other active female permabore, and co-poacher.

Sure, sure, Toadies and Sycophants recently added Ms. Ardis Parshall to their ranks (Kaimi sez, "Ha ha, BCC and DKL, we scooped her!"). But the backlog of old research on historical women will dry up soon enough, leaving T&S to languish in recycled "From The Archives" posts mixed with the typical boring uninspired blather.

But, to be fair, we are forced to point out T&S hasn't just added 25% more poaches. They also have 25% more deleted critical comments, which means they have 25% more fawning and brown-nosing. Nice work, Chavez.


Anonymous said... @ November 21, 2006 at 10:28 AM

Thumbs up: the Chavez picture.

Thumbs down: the rest. A bit too ranty for my taste. But as they say, a chacun son gout.

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