There is nothing more narcissistic than pretentiously arguing over semantics.

I am an intellectual, and let me tell you what is wrong with intellectuals. No, no, let a scholar tell you what is wrong with intellectuals. Scholars are the ones who really do Science, hard science, with facts, you know, not these pompous stuffed shirts who arrogantly speculate on the so-called social sciences without any hard empirical facts to back them up. Like hard empiricist Linus Pauling with his orthomolocular medicine and vitamin C, and Stephen Hawking and his quantum physics, now there are some real scholars who are not speculating intellectuals. Yup.

Is this just more petty bloggernacle infighting? Sure, drag the old hard sciences versus soft sciences nag out for another trot round the bend just to stir up some silly debate over nothing substantial. Oh, and what a surprise, just so happens the BCC and M* chemist (wannabe historian) and physisist (wannabe philosopher) guys line up against the T&S lawyers and economists.

Or, is it a bunch of guys wanting to point to themselves and say "I am smart, look at me"?

Let us decide once and for all who is the smartest by Rock, Paper, Scissor!


Anonymous said... @ November 7, 2006 at 9:36 AM


sNarcissist, did you attend the J.Stapley spelling school?

Snarkimus Prime said... @ November 7, 2006 at 11:43 AM

No, the Aaron B, Cox Amalgamated School of Spellers and Grammarians

Anonymous said... @ November 9, 2006 at 4:41 AM

Dear Nate,

Nut´tin smarter be there ever
Happy to dandy dollar lectures on
Every topic tat you know but 2cents
O´man, Oh´my, you hero mine,

Love Me-Adam

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