Well, it is a little late, but the Official 2007 BCC Permablogger Handbook has finally been published (no doubt after being stuck in committee negotiations for weeks). Naturally, being the haunt of too many lawyers, it is cloaked euphemistically in baking terms to avoid legal liabilities, but anyone in the know can decipher the codes:

Like many others, I make the Supernatural Brownies...and I found the recipe to be almost perfect.

Follow this recipe, it is superior to all others, not to be surpassed or ignored.

No nuts are needed, although some may choose to garnish with the occasional walnut.

Weighty doctrinal matters that require rumination are not essential, but will be entertained on occasion.

They are dark and rich, fudgey but still light.

Posts shall substantive, but not dense or overpowering to the point of putting readers off.

They take a long time to make, but are entirely worth it.

Put the necessary time into your posts to make them of high quality, so you save us all the time of dealing with dumb questions and anonymous trolls.

I add a bit of dark molasses to the recipe to make the flavor more rich,

Add some spice to your posts, something personal, something fun, to add dimension to the content, providing a hook to return readers.

I beat the eggs for what seems like forever, and

Always self-edit your posts repeatedly to eliminate all obvious discernable errors of grammar, spelling and superficies.

I use the best chocolate that I can find (within limits).

Permabloggers from other big blogs can guest post at BCC, but exercise due restraint and diligence, always weighing the political and diplomatic fallout of doing so. But, poaching is discouraged.

It wasn’t until many years later that I sampled a friend’s brownie at a party. There was little else to eat but old artichoke dip and cornnuts,

Do not parrot or mimic other blogs in the Bloggernacle. They are boring. We are different.

and so the brownie was a refuge. But this brownie was different, magical; it was dense and powerful, not all confectioners’ sugar and Betty Crocker mix. I did some research and encountered Supernatural Brownies, and have not looked back since.

The BCC Collective has worked hard to put together a high-quality team that is different from all the rest of the formula Mormon bloggers. Do not produce that same old, boring, standard posts that can be found anywhere. In doing so, BCC will continue to be the best.

Now I find that I welcome discussion and much dissent in my Church of Brownies...If you disagree, then I challenge you to a bake-off

You are welcome to disagree with these rules, but you shall abide them. If you think yours are better, go start your own group blog and see if you can do better.


Anonymous said... @ April 12, 2007 at 3:14 PM

This is extremely serious. The script which contained all symbolic references was absolutely confidential. HOW DID YOU GET A HOLD OF IT???
In some places, you could get excommunicated for this.

Anonymous said... @ April 12, 2007 at 5:28 PM

Br. Prime, there is an obvious problem with your interpretation.

No nuts are needed

Look at the list of bloggers at BCC. What are they, if not nuts?

Anonymous said... @ April 19, 2007 at 6:55 PM

I saw you ripped off my book cover. Well, now you'll have to get another one.

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