OK, 25 people weighed in, none of which were members of SN Industries LTD (to the best of my knowledge), and it looks like there is a three way tie:

Voluptuous, Rubenesque and Beached Whale. Well, two outta three ain't that bad. I mean, really, if you are going to be big, you are going to want Peter Paul Ruben to paint you, right? Voluptuous, OK, that isn't exactly an insult. Beached whale, that is not flattering.

Here are the write-in entries:

This one got two entries for the Queen tune "Fat Bottomed Girls", so that deserves at the very least an Honorific Entitling.

As for that link to the Sierra thing at Salon, I guess someone is trying to tell us to stop harassing FMH? Or they are making fun of FMH for being too over the top on this? Not sure, since if it is supposed to be an indictment of us, we didn't do anything the article attacks, so what is the point here? About as clear as the poor quality JPEG rehosting.


Janet said... @ April 4, 2007 at 12:38 AM

Honored, honored I say.

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