Well, yeah, since Deutch is old hat (except for extended versions of his analogy) and Cheney's commencement address is over, everyone has to rush to the next current events topic and blog on it (I am not even going to bother to link to them all as I would get CTS clicking all the links). Mormons obsessing about how non-Mormons perceive them. Yawn. At least they aren't trying to kill us, right. Anything short of that is a good thing, even if it isn't CES correlated, but, then, if it was, all the Bloggernacle would really complain about it then.

No doubt, there will be a dozen similar follow-up posts Monday night and Tuesday night, with running commentary on every subtle nuance and every possible offense, real or imagined, being catalogued ad nauseum.

Yawntastic TV yields yawntastic blogging.


Friendly person said... @ April 30, 2007 at 2:59 PM

Really, now! Anything short of murder is worth no more than a yawn? We've got to do something about your double row of teeth, Brother Prime.

I think it's fascinating to see how others perceive us and then to see how we respond. I wonder if we'll feel like doing a "ralley the forces" blog on Haun's Mill after we've had a thorough education on the MMM. The whole idea of OUTSIDERS is fascinating, don't you think? There's the sympathetic outsider (Doniphan), the antagonistic outsider (Krakaur), and then there's you--the loyal guy who sometimes wears his shirt inside out. (We do have rules for how we wear our shirts, you know.)

Janet said... @ April 30, 2007 at 11:16 PM

"At least they aren't trying to kill us, right."

Heheh! Enough LDS folks still carry a martyr mentality steeped in the notion that we are deeply hated, that I'm curious what they'll think about the even-handed documentary. True, lots of people hate the church--but very few seem to hate actual mormons these days (she says, herself embedded in her constant "People are nice!" bubble).

If "yawntastic" means I can get a good night's sleep b/c, unlike my grandmamas a few generations back, I don't have to worry about my cabin getting set afire, I'm a fan of yawntasticism :). Plus it means even the mormons themselves can look at stuff like the MMM without so much debilitating angst, I hope.

Also I'm a fan of the new word, yawntasticism. Yawntastic!

Brian said... @ May 1, 2007 at 2:45 AM

Hey, that was a damn good extended analogy.

Snarkimus Prime said... @ May 1, 2007 at 7:38 AM


Transformers don't wear shirts. We don't have teeth either, we consume energon. Seeing how outsiders view us is pretty easy and predictable. I find the whole exercise kind egocentric, ala "Let us all watch this documentary about us and then critique it for innacuracies." No matter what, someone somewhere is going to find something wrong with it.


Yawntastic = boring. And, yes, having your house burned down is not boring, so it is easier to sleep at night. MMM = tragic incident, nothing more.

You can make up your own fun new words by concatenating two words that don't really go together, like yawn and fantastic. Try it. You will be cutting edge, like me.


You must have quite a set of shoulders on you, and your head is probably flat too. And, I hate to push your analogy too far, but, trying to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat is certain death.

Friendly Person said... @ May 1, 2007 at 11:05 AM

Transformer? That sounds like a missionary title. I feel right at home.

I am sorry your picture didn't ring a bell with me. My sons had transformers, most of which turned into monsters or utility vehicles. Which kind are you? And where do you buy energon?

Janet said... @ May 1, 2007 at 12:32 PM

My boyfriend and my roomie/best friend in college tried very hard to popularize the following two words, with little success:


I think we pilfered them from a SNL skit, though. I love language games! Wheee!

And here's my word for LDS people just CERTAIN that PBS is out to get us and who therefore take copious notes so they can write scathing "don't oppress my people" letters: hypernoid. Which I say without malice, since I myself have some hypernoid tendencies.

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