We all knew the feigned benevolence of DKL was statistically improbable; that a man so-reviled could actually positively contribute to the Bloggernacle community of his own will and volition by creating and maintaining a public aggregator site!

Now, we bring you the BREAKING NEWS that will rock the very foundation of the Nacle:


That's right, folks. Thanks to sophisticated technology stolen from a third-world country that still uses an Apple IIe to calculate their GDP, we bring you the following details -- for YOUR protection!

A site just like any other. Or is it?

Let's take a closer look at the suspicious Eye of Horrus in the corner, shall we?

First, we flip horizontally, then vertically invert the image, as shown:

Next, let's blow that up a little bit so we can see better:

STILL don't see the obvious mind manipulation taking place here?

Thanks to the newly acquired 'Nacle SuperMag Lens, we will sharpen the area of interest (click to enlarge):

Danger, danger, folks! Stay away! Enter at your own risk!! You have been warned.