I always wanted to be rich and famous. But you know what? DKL and Dehlin have ruined it for me. I mean, seriously, if DKL can be a millionaire and Dehlin can be the latest go-to guy for the anti-Mitt mainstream media, then it really takes the shine off hanging with the "in" crowd. Sure, sure, you can party with Diddy, go clubbing with Paris Hilton, and be on MTV Cribs, but, I don't know, that sort of thing just doesn't appeal to me. Getting famous off criticizing the Church and then constantly trying to convince people you are not criticizing the Church, that just doesn't seem worth it. And trying to get your 5M plus 2.5M in interest from guys who will do everything they can to keep it from you, that just doesn't sound fun either, since they have moved all of their assets offshore and already have their bankrupty paperwork filled out and ready to file. With my luck, Lindsy Lohan would do a Lizzie Grubman on me and wouldn't even be drunk enough to consent to an autograph I could sell on EBay. I'll take poverty and obscurity, thanks. I don't have to deal with membership-endangering sound bytes or injuring myself with litigous chest beating that way.

P.S., no matter what happens, guys, you will always be a bitter, long-necked brunette housewife who's husband works at a toilet paper factory and an out-of-work blogger who wants the DAMU to support his out-of-control hobby to me.


Anonymous said... @ June 20, 2007 at 10:58 AM

after john gets ex'd for being anti he can do a podcast with richard dutcher and the september seven.

Stephen said... @ June 20, 2007 at 7:07 PM

Wow, I've missed a lot by being so busy.

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