Kage's little girl made a mess in the bathtub so she

"ran for the camera. I should have let her keep playing...I would have gotten a lot more done...but instead, I cleaned it up, like every good mommy should."
And that is where the "good mommy" thing ended, because she then posted pictures of nekkid little girl on the TftC site. Click a few times and you can head over to her personal blog site and discover the name of the little girl in the pictures if you look around, along with a lot of other pictures. Click on her professional site and you can get all kinds of other personal information.

Kristy, you might as well put a sign up in your window that says "PERVERT WACKO STALKERS APPLY HERE" and then add your name and phone number on the bottom. Some anonymous comments at TftC have asked Kage to edit or remove the pics, but they have gone unheeded. Girl, you are asking for trouble. User your head. Protect your kids. You live in NYC, not on some desert island.


SRC said... @ August 1, 2007 at 2:24 PM

Thanks so much for enabling said perverts by linking up the photos with the name! You are such a concerned citizen of pervertville. ASS!

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