Aside from Dialogue not being populated with Jedi writers, this thread on greed has some interesting revelations. A couple of people pop in to point out they are wise and just stewards, while many more embittered people rant about their inability to buy in an up market. The only rant-maker honest enough to expose the source of his anger is DKL. Great! So as soon as the market starts cooling off, a market that spiraled wildly up because of greed, there are more greedy people like DKL waiting in the wings to soften the fall by scooping up houses when the market goes soft. So, in other words, DKL, the market will not burn as you wish it would, because of...people like you.

And, while Sam MB laments the moral and spiritual health Mormons, the home-buying Mormons of the Bloggernacle lament their inability to buy in an up market and bitterly fantasize about "the house to which we could upgrade in a more reasonable market", rather than discuss what Mormons can do to address the underlying problem of greed which created and fuels the problem. Why repent when you can wait for market forces to change in your favor?


Mark said... @ November 12, 2007 at 1:14 PM

Not to mention the millions of people in the world that can't afford to "buy up" into a house even half as nice as the one I already have.


Janet said... @ November 20, 2007 at 5:20 PM

Oh dear, and DH and I've been off with realtors in various job interview locales. Maybe these links will convince him of my dastardly plan to build a yurt and live off the grid! But then how would I blog.....

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