Owing to unseasonably warm weather blanketing much of the nation and the impending holidays, the vast majority of bloggernacclers went outside this weekend for the first time in a long, long time, as evidenced by the relatively few new comments and even fewer new posts produced on Saturday & Sunday.

One usually busy naccle commentator was overheard saying "Wow, my legs are so sore from all this walking. I should have shopped online. Oh, man, I have a blister."

Dusty sunglasses were donned by many Blog writers as their spouses, family members, and other close acquaintenances forcibly removed them from their computers and made them experience the world outside. "We were beginning to think Sally (name changed to protect the innocent) was developing an acute case of agorophobia, but we realized it was just Newton's First Law taking its toll."

A prominent Naccle writer was spotted sitting outside a woman's dressing room in the Orem, UT University Mall ZCMI and was heard saying "I should have brought my laptop", while looking at his watch. Shortly thereafter he was overheard to say "Come on honey, babysitter is ten bucks an hour, lets move it."


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