File under: Lingering Hostilities, Gender Wars

You know, its so good to see the love between the Big Nacle Blogs spread out and shared on the little blogs, giving them a boost. The faithful gals at noobie femnacleblog A Prayer of Faith drew some comments from the T&S Prime Orthodoxer over the lack of dates for smart girls, which were attacked by BCC's Left Wing Field Operatives, who commented in tandem in a clearly coordinated effort. You know things are going to get ugly when its DKL who steps in to discourage contention!

I really don't know what Adam is talking about. Its not like all educated Mormon women aren't into traditional motherly roles. We totally have uteruses and breasts, and are all for healthy self esteem and body image and do all the standard Relief Society stuff. So, we are all woman, all educated, and there is no justifiable reason for these Mormon boys to not wanna date us!

Bacon? Check! Sizzle? Double check!


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