File under: We should only be so lucky

If you go to T&S, not that we would encourage you to do that, and click on the Author Profiles pull down thingy you will see an asterisk splat * next to Russell, Kaimi and Kristine. Scroll down a little more and you see an explanation that says "* Bloggers marked with an asterisk are currently on sabbatical"

Um, I am confused. I thought "sabbatical" meant "taking a break from something" as in "not doing it" as in "stopping for awhile" as in "ceasing". Maybe its my poor little blue smurfy brain that is betraying me, but if Kaimi is on sabbatical, then what is this? Is he on sabbatical every day of the week, except Tuesday? Or is he on sabbatical when he isn't on sabbatical, like he is on sabbatical in between posts and commenting? Or is "on sabbatical" now just a T&S way to show support for Russell? He being really and genuinely on a verifiable sabbatical, having not posted for some time. Unlike some others who are "on sabbatical" and are actively posting.

And its not like the asterisk is a typo. If you click on his profile page it says:

    (Bio last updated on March 22, 2006).

    This blogger is currently on sabbatical.

And since March 22, he has made 4 posts. Shows how good Kaimi is at keeping the Sabbath, eh? Come on Naclers! Lets encourage Kaimi to keep that Sabbath better, shall we?


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