Nacle drop out Ryan Bell has started a blog that allegedly is going to "explain Mitt and Mormonism to an Underinformed World". And in 10 days of blogging, Ryan has yet to explain anything about Mormonism or Mitt. All he is doing is posting reactionary comments to other media links. Bashing Mitt bashers and talking about how stupid they are. Brilliant start. Hopefully he will get around to explaining some of these hot button topics soon, since it is getting actual press coverage, in a manner that will not make Mormonism look "wierd." I, for one, cannot wait for Ryan to tackle pre-OD2 Black Lesbian Polygynous Priesthood Ordaining Blood Atonements where beer from Moesers is served and make it palatable for all Evangelical Mormon-hating Republicans wo are determined to undermine Mitt's candidacy, not to mention all those Democrats waiting in the wings to see if he even makes it out of the gates.


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