Guest post by Straight and Narrow Blog Boy

On a recent thread, Supergenius remarked:

Jettboy’s remarks represent the worst that is in mormonism: a lofty sense of pride coupled with an eagerness to build up our sense of righteousness at the expense of others. I hold Jettboy’s comments up as an example of what I hate most in our religious culture. Perhaps, by writing this post, I am falling prey to the same trap as Jettboy — denouncing another mormon to build up my own persona. I hope that’s not the case, but a part of me fears it’s true. Mostly, though, I want him to apologize for those remarks. He owes me a personal apology, as well as the rest of you.
I don’t care about popularity. All I care about is that my opinions are made available. I won't be apologizing, because I call them as I see them, and that is all that counts. And you can get all the left-wing commie pinkos that inhabit and infect the Bloggernacle to gang up on me. What really is the worst about mormonism is the way you ridicule people, like me. But I set my face like a flint before people like you who will smite me,, I know that I will not be ashamed. I don't care as long as my ideas are out there, to counteract your nutjob ones with the truth about how I personally have come to believe that there was both Evolution and a literal Fall of Adam and Eve where they were taken out of “mortal time and place” and put into an immortal “bubble” where they interactated with Eternity. It is there they went from metaphorically “cro-mag” to “homo-sap” through Covenant. You know its a true doctrine, Steve, if you weren't so hard-hearted and stiff-necked you would study it out and pray about it, as I have spent so much time studying the Scriptures, and then know it is true, which just proves my point, that you railed against me and not Eric Nielsen because I herald the Truth as Revealed to the Prophets and interpreted by me, through poetry. If anyone owes someone an apology it is you, for hosting such a spurious left-wing blog full of people who are not straight and narrow and filled with hate for mormon culture. And me prideful? Ha! Who goes around calling themselves "Supergenius" all the time? Not me. No way, not Straight and Narrow Boy, there is no way I would pick such a self-righteous pseudonym, suggesting I am flying high up above all others. I mean, really, Steve, like posting such a thing on the front of your Big Crap Collection would shame me into apologizing. Get real. All that is doing is proving to my conservative pals at Blogger of Jared what a brave and outspoken hero I am and how evil you are.


Steve Evans said... @ June 26, 2007 at 10:07 AM

I apologize, jerkwad

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